Nancy Russian represented me in the sale of my father’s home. Working with her was a pleasure. She guided me through the entire process, including transferring the property to me, staging the house for sale, conducting open houses, responding to home inspections, and many other tasks, but most of all helping me navigate through the piles of required paperwork. She has excellent and necessary contacts to complete all of the jobs associated with the sal
by Shirley R.
Terrific agent and really nice person, too. Nancy spent lots of time with us in order to find the perfect home for our family. We must have seen 100 houses over the course of an entire year. She never missed an appointment and she was always prepared with the research for each house hunting mission. She knew how to rate the features of the house, the neighborhood, street, etc.
by Sanford Rund
It is a pleasure to give my very highest recommendation to Nancy Russian for her service to me in real estate and estate management. Nancy has been my real estate agent for six years. In 2008 she guided me in purchasing a house in Escondido CA thorough a complex short sale that required skillful coordination with the seller’s agent and resolution of issues with multiple banks holding mortgages. This was one of the early successful short sales in the housing down turn, long before they were common in this region. Her knowledge and experience allowed her show me many choice properties and, in particular, the ideal location that I purchased. Nancy closed this sale for me at 40% below the home’s peak value. In 2013 she also handled the sale of my father’s house in Oceanside CA. Her diligent work and good judgment enabled us to quickly sell this property at the top of the market compared to comparable homes in the region. She has also expertly advised me on numerous real estate issues including home inspection, appraisals and upkeep. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone seeking a real estate agent. She has great determination in pursuing leads and extensive knowledge as a realtor. Nancy was also my father’s accountant and business assistant through several decades of loyal service, handling his bank accounts and a broad range of his business and financial needs. He was truly fortunate to have someone of Nancy’s integrity, determination, and skill. During his final years she was indispensable in managing a wide range of his needs and tirelessly looking out for his interests. She also served as the executive assistant and accountant for my father’s estate on behalf of me and my brothers following his passing. She has managed a highly complex investment portfolio of diversified stocks, bonds, loans, and bank accounts. She resolved multiple issues and completed the liquidation and distribution of funds as well as handling real estate including several time share contracts and properties. Her professional experience in the banking field was instrumental. She has exceptional leadership skills and has overcome many obstacles by coordinating the activities of my father’s legal representatives, bank and financial institutions, tax experts, and former business associates. She has functioned at an executive level and taken on a broad range of responsibilities for my family on many complex matters. Overall, Nancy is highly professional, motivated and proactive in anticipating problems and developing solutions. She has expertly guided us in avoiding countless problems and resolving difficulties. I believe that anyone would be fortunate to work with a person of her caliber in real estate or estate management.
by Professor Roger S. Lasken
CEO, J. Craig Venter Institute
My association with Nancy Russian covers a span of 30 years. She was the leading Public Relations Manager and Vice President with Western Federal Savings Bank. My wife and I met Nancy at the introductory presentation on certain aspects of banking opportunities. Nancy made us aware very quickly that as long as we were dealing with her we would be in good hands. As she has grown through her career, she has kept that promise to this day. My life changed dramatically when my wife passed away 5 years ago. Once again, I called upon Nancy for advice. Over the years, Nancy has become well known in senior circles. She gave me excellent advice, which I followed. Having checked out various opportunities for seniors in the Oceanside and surrounding areas, I came to a better understanding of my personal needs. I decided to sell our home and Nancy was the perfect candidate for the job. In a very short time, she had all the necessary steps completed, such as repainting, cleaning and fixing the smallest objects to make my house marketable. Within 24 hours my house had an offer and it was sold. This type of professionalism doesn’t come around too often. It was an absolute marvel to watch her work . Four years later I was ready to buy another house. Once again, I called upon Nancy’s services. Once I decided to buy, the speed with which Nancy worked was remarkable! It seemed like a blink of an eye, but in reality it was more like a week. In that week, she had found several houses that fit my criteria and had set up appointments for me to view each house. The house that grabbed me needed some work, all of which Nancy had answers for and or people to do the job. Within the first weekend I owned the house it was already painted and the carpet was ordered. I moved in 10 days later into a remarkable new home. Nancy found my house, then shared her resources to fix it up at lightning speed. Again this was remarkable to watch. It is my pleasure to highly recommend and refer Nancy Russian. She is dedicated and willing to go the extra mile which makes her a rare find in this fast-paced environment. Nancy will take care of your real estate needs as if they were her own.
by Leonard O Lasken
Manager, Ocean Hills Country Club
Robin and I want to thank you so much for serving as our real estate agent for the purpose of marketing and selling our home in Carmel Valley, CA. You were a consummate professional from beginning to end and we were proud to have a person such as yourself representing us. Because of your delightful demeanor and experience, you established a wonderful rapport with all parties involved including other agents, prospective buyers, and the tenants we had leasing our home at the time. It took a special person to hold everything together during these difficult economic times to bring the marketing and selling of our home to a successful close and you were that special person. We would wholeheartedly recommend you to others as a best-in-class real estate agent. It was a delight to work with you, and we look forward to staying in touch with you in the future.
by Robin and Howard Henley
We can’t say enough about Dr. Zayer’s professionalism. He is a very caring person with extensive knowledge and great connections, and he brings all of these qualities to the table for his clients. We purchased a home with Dr. Zayer’s help in 2014. During the time that we were looking for our new home, he was always available and would answer his phone whenever we needed his help. He wasn’t just after getting the business done; it was very important to him that we found a place that we loved and he made that happen. Dr. Zayer does not forget you once the deal is done. I have called him for recommendations for handymen, contractors and other professionals even long after we purchased our house. We recommended him to my brother when he was looking for a house, and in a short amount of time Dr. Zayer helped him to find a nice condo even though my brother wasn’t present. My husband and I would love any opportunity to work with Dr. Zayer again in the future, and would strongly recommend him for any real estate needs.
by Marjan

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